Windows 7 Loader

Version 1.9.5 changes

* Added a new GRLDR version which fixes a bug that prevented activation on systems with an XSDT

Version 1.9.4 changes

* Added a new GRLDR version (Improves the ignore existing SLIC function)
* Disabled table sorting by default as compatibility reasons
* Added an option to disable type 3 memory also for an option to turn the SLIC search direction
* Displays mainrboard version to help with debugging
* Added up ECS, Dealin, Higrade and KSystems SLIC's
* Added up HCL, KSystems and MSI Home Basic serials number
* Added up MSI Professional serial number
* Added Dealin Home Premium serial number
* Additional minor tweaks and fixes

Windows 7 loader converts the windows into genui windows

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